Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A post - post London

So, I haven't been taking pictures of food (outside of beers in London).... But, we have been cooking.  And now that we're back from London (land of pies and ales, and very few veggies) we felt driven to really eat better.  So - tonight-   lots of veggies, olive oil, salt and pepper.  one grill.  and then, deliciousness. Tonight it was a weird and large combination of veggies-- zuchini, asparagus, new potatoes, mushrooms, and a few chicken tenders.  All grilled. Then we also grilled pineapples and mangos that had been hanging out in brown sugar for about an hour.  They turned out GREAT.  The mangos were good on their own, but super delicious after being grilled. We also had an incredibly soft, fresh, light sourdough bread.  So light and lovely...

Anyhow-- tomorrow night we'll make a pasta with the leftover veggies and chicken.  There were no mushrooms left- because- well-- Max lives here.  And the girl LOVEs a mushroom.

For dessert-- Stauffers has made their own fresh chocolate cookies (crisp ones) to make Ice cream sandwiches with.  So we made some with Moose Tracks and some with Haagen Daas ginger flavored ice cream.  They would be better with vanilla or dark chocolate ice cream-- but the cookies were just PERFECT!
So-- a fun night for food.
On the family note-- Max is sick and has been coughing like crazy (croup) and getting nosebleeds (yuck) and Isaac is jet lagged (as are his dad and I) -- so- I am hoping we all get some sleep.  and to encourage that.  I am drinking this

A simple Pinot Gris

It's no Organic Honeydew Ale (a delicious treat from London).  But it will do for now.  And it is definitely making me sleepy-- so -- maybe tonight, I'll sleep.  Hopefully our kids will too.
So- that's it... bread, family and wine...  things i love.