Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fried Chicken, Some Pudding and a lot of loudness

My children have been ungodly loud today.  KMax likes to hear herself scream.  Ike thinks that's HYSTERICAL... and they just torment the heck out of each other.  They have been so LOUD today.  My head hurts.  That's why after dinner (fried chicken that was really too big and got a little dark)
We turned Max loose on some butterscotch pudding ala Cody (find it here:  )

and we were surprised by 15 minutes of total silence and fascination except for occasional humming and giggles of joy...
There was also a pudding dance.  Really... She did this:

Then she did this:

And then she finished with this move:

Oh honestly, we all feel this way about pudding at our house.
If it were socially acceptable, and not so sticky, I'm sure many
of us would smear it all over our faces.

So this was total joy.
Two words of advice:
Don't overcook the pudding.
Make your own whipped cream... 
So good.
I'm gonna go dance now.